Residentially-Challenged < Little Victories

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July 28th, 2017 @ Premiere Epsiode @ 11:00am
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If you are dealing with shelter insecurity of any kind or if you want to know how to help the people who are dealing with these issues, attend the live taping for free at 774 Wave St, Monterey, CA

Join host Turtle, community organizer and founder of both Humble Beginnings and Medicine Wheels as he presents tips and tricks, both for those who need resources and those who wish to provide them.


“As individuals we can improve the social condition, but as a collective we can change the world”

Humble Beginnings & Medicine Wheels is proud to present “Little Victories”, airing soon on Wave Street Live, a new and exciting personal-development channel, streaming live, original and high-vibrational content, worldwide, FOR FREE from the beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

“Little Victories” is a weekly, educational show about various topics that have to do with improving the social condition. Both environmental and humanitarian issues will be explored. The show will focus on the residentially-challenged (and all those interested in bettering the circumstances of their fellow man!) and feature segments about how to do basic repairs to bikes, outdoor/low-budget cooking tips, food and other resource location, along with myriad other topics dealing with improving the social condition here on the Monterey Peninsula, one “Little Victory” at a time.

Special segments will include a yoga “snack” with Rebecca Cordell, environmental issues with Melissa Thomas, a runners group for the residentially-challenged with Katy, and art instruction with Turtle.

Join the live studio audience, every Friday at 11am, starting July 28th, or watch live at


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