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August 06th, 2017 @ 7:30am - 5:00pm
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“Breathe Life into your Body”, Hosted by Domini Anne at Wave Street Studios and live on, with accompanying plant generated music by Nico Georis.

Explore the relationship of breath, tension, and elasticity within your body.
Students are guided through a series of exercises designed to increase both their lung capacity and control, and then learn to apply these techniques to target specific areas of the body. Through this awareness, deeply held stress patterns can be unwound, and an internal approach to core activation is developed. The deepest layers of the abdominals are accessed, digestion may be improved, and one is able to return to the parasympathetic state, where all of its systems are given the energy they need to repair, renew, and regenerate. The accompanying soundscape of plant generated music further guides the mind to a calm expansiveness, supporting the inner work and allowing for the bodys own rhythm to emerge.

Students will be guided through a day-long journey of breath work, yoga, healthy foods and more, absorbing knowledge, tools and practices for a more elevated, vibrant life.


7:30 AM optional tea/meditation
8:30 AM optional breakfast
9:00 AM Breathwork Class
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Breathwork Class
12:00 PM Optional Cooking class and Vegetarian Lunch served
1:00 PM Free time/ Manual Therapies
2:00 Breathwork Class
5:00 Optional Vegetarian Dinner

Wave Street Studios
774 Wave Street, Monterey CA 93940
(831) 655-2010


Contact Domini for further information about this transformative experience.



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