If You Want To Be Happy- Be! < Captain Avner Even-Zohar

WHEN: PAST: 130 day(s) ago.
August 07th, 2017 @ 7:30-8:30pm PST
INFO: WaveStreetLive.com/1981
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Price of entry: Free
774 Wave Street, Monterey CA 93940

If you can’t attend in person tune in live at WaveStreetLive.com/1981

Teacher Captain Avner Even-Zohar (aka Captain Happiness) is an officer (HELLO-he is a captain!), professor, philosopher, public speaker, writer, humorist, educator for humanity and above all-a profound Karaoke Mega Star. After being in the rat race for-way too long, he discovered Happiness, the hard way unfortunately (which, apparently, in the only way to do it), ever since he cannot keep quiet, and preaches Happiness to all who are willing to listen and particularly…to those who are not.

Captain Avner is the author of 17 books for kids and adults on leadership, emotional intelligence and Happiness.

Class Description:
Recent research in the fields of leadership, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology indicates that Happiness is the key to high performance in all walks of life.

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