Dr. Philip Yang: #5 Introduction of acupuncture < Medical Qigong

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August 08th, 2017 @ 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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~Class Five~
Introduction of acupuncture
1. How acupuncture works?
2. Meridians and its nature in our body
3. Opening meridian channels
a) Needling;
b) Tapping;
c) Acupressure;
d) Movements;
e) Qi manipulating;
f) Cupping;
g) Moxa;
h) Electric stimulating;
i) Electric wave manipulating.
j) Herbs (drinking-internal/patch-external, bath, steam)


People drive for hours to benefit from Dr. Yang’s treatments but, for the next six weeks, he will be traveling from Sunnyvale once a week to teach us how to improve our health, harness Qi and increase longevity.

The classes will take place every Tuesday, starting 06/13/2017, for the five weeks following the preview class and can be purchased as a whole for $125 or one class at a time for $35/ea.


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Dr. Philip Yang, Unison Health Connection

#5 Introduction of acupuncture

#4 Meditation

#3 Breathing and healing

#2 Yuan Gong Movements and Healing

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