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September 01st, 2017 @ 2:30 - 3:30pm
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RESISTANCE TV with hostess Miriam Smith
tackles hot button issue of cops in our schools.

Black Lives Matter, Community for Unity and Pause the Calls invite the community to our program to discuss cops in the school. Police officers disproportionately harm Black, Brown, poor, LBGTQ and disabled students. Law enforcement officials are used to control behaviors and to discipline children, but they are not counselors, therapists or social workers. Disabled students suffer the most by having police in the schools.

Research shows that police officers in schools contribute to the “school to prison pipeline” because students who get suspended or expelled have a higher probability to end up in the juvenile justice system. Students end up in jail, court or paying fines and police presence is mainly in schools where high economic disadvantages exist.

Come voice your opinion about cops in school and the cost that serves no educational benefit to the student. It puts fear in students and parents and also threatens, stresses and raises anxieties of students who may be impacted by immigration. The social and emotional well being of all students is important. The school district has almost completely taken away the parents’ voice.

WHAT: Hot topic discussion about Cops in the Schools
WHEN: From 2:30-3:30PM ‪Friday, September 1‬
WHERE: ‬Wave Street Studios, ‪774 Wave St‬, ‪Monterey CA 93940‬

Miriam Smith, Community Organizer, 831-869-5132


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