Kundalini Yoga with
Naomi Charanpal Kaur
featured @ WaveStreetLive.com

When Yogi Bhajan first came to the west in 1969, he did not come to create disciples. He came to create teachers. When Naomi first walked in to a Kundalini yoga class, she had no idea that those first steps would alter her destiny to become a teacher of this ancient science and technology. However, after transforming her life through the benefits of the practice, it became suddenly clear to her that she must share the teachings with others.

Naomi became a KRI certified instructor after studying with Gurmukh at Golden Bridge Los Angeles. She feels that sharing this wisdom is the greatest gift she could possibly give back to the earth, and is humbled and honored to be a link in the Golden Chain of Teachers.



Feeling Beautiful

Experiencing the Radiant Body

Naomi Charanpal Kaur