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Dr. Yang graduated from a local Normal Institute in China and possesses a master’s and doctor’s degree of Oriental Medicine in the US.

He is a licensed acupuncturist in California. He was initially trained for martial arts, and then systematically educated with Qigong. Guided by advanced masters, he has been developed his supernatural abilities, including clairvoyance, remote diagnosis, remote healing and so on. Thus, he can successfully apply these abilities in his clinical practice, creating uncountable miraculous healing effects, especially in difficult diseases. Abiding Qigong disciplines with acupuncture, Dr. Yang developed “Qi-acupuncture” techniques, which is a significant breakthrough, it can dissolve bone spurs, reduce the pain in a minute just by one needle. This technique can help to heal Migraines, Arthritis, Sclerosis, Sleeping Apnea, Vision loss, Tinnitus, TMJ, Frozen shoulder, even it helped heal Cancer, Infertility, reduce glucose level and blood pressure dramatically. Pains can be reduced right away.

Dr. Yang is continuously exploring in his clinical practice, “Spinal Diagnosis” is another great achievement, by touching one’s spine for a few seconds, he can tell what health issues you may have, even some of what you had or you will have, such as uterus fibroids, he can tell the location, size, how many of them, the accuracy is 90%. This technique is very helpful for treating root of diseases and for prevention, because the indications from the spine, shows something is going on in the body, it might comes with some symptoms, may not, that’s why, once you feel something, it is late. It uncovers the secret of many chronic diseases, such as why indigestion lasts forever, can it be treated completely? Why someone suffers multiple uterus tumor, surgery after surgery, they still appears.

There is a patient, he suffers prostate cancer for twenty years, he had 14 surgeries in 17 years. After acupuncture, the repetition stopped, because the root is being removed. Dr Yang is trying to train his students these special techniques in healing, trying to help as many people as he can. He found the school: Nine Star University of Health Sciences, providing master’s degree of oriental medicine. The graduates can take license exam, practice all over the United States. You may visit:

Dr Yang is the founder of Yuan Gong, one of the best Qigong styles, especially; it is very theoretical and systematic as a medical Qigong. It can help you with your personal health improvement, prevention and longevity. If you a health provider, that will be much more helpful to boost up your healing power.


Dr. Philip Yang, Unison Health Connection

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#3 Breathing and healing

#2 Yuan Gong Movements and Healing

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