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Arrive 10 minutes before class to get situated. Bring water. Bring a mat. Bring your most open self and be prepared to work! Never fear, modifications are always available, so you can get the best workout for your fitness level. You will LOVE class and we will LOVE having you there!

Working out has to be enjoyable. It has to be challenging enough to keep you growing stronger. It has to be varied enough so you do not get bored. Exercises that use your own body resistance and carefully trained instructors will keep you working to your maximum, safely and effectively. No more “one size fits all.” This is your body. This is your time. This is your moment. Make sure that you are working out to your personal best, but most of all, you are enjoying every second of it.

I am addicted to CarmelBarre! An amazing workout that works muscles you never knew you had. All of the instructors are well trained. supportive, and full of energy and enthusiasm. CarmelBarre has helped get me through several surgeries and I am grateful for the individualized instruction I have received! Thanks everyone!Rita


Balance. Strength. Core. Buns. Thighs. Arms. Efficient. Effective. Addictive. CarmelBarre.

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