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Kundalini Yoga Practice

Kundalini Yoga is an exploration of the connection between body and self.
Be gentle with yourself, listen to your body and do what you can, without eagerness.

On this page we share a set of our main exercises that we practice in our Kundalini Live Community.
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Five Minute Dragon Breath

Spine Flex

Frog Pose


Cobra Pose

Runtime: 2min
An advanced class with guest teacher Sat Santokh Singh. A wonderful opportunity to power up our body and mind to a higher vibration. And in this calm clarity be reminded of our role in shaping our self-identity and in our ability to change it.



Runtime: 90min
A free Live Class with Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa and Kirantana @ Wave Street Studios.



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  • We are dedicated towards delivering a “live class experience” to our remote students worldwide. is a high vibration wellness practice program produced and hosted by

Kundalini Live is the creation of Wave Street Studios’ founder Rhett Allen Smith, a native of Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula.

His goal was to create and operate a specialty facility that hosts — and professionally shares — high vibration wellness practices with the world. and
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