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November 05th, 2017 @ 4:00pm - 5:00pm
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I am trying to find original music here in Monterey County, and actually on the planet. … I want to find original musicians who want to be heard; like birds… you know what I mean!

Azi Fedoui



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Jeddy Grant, Bass Guitar:
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Trees and Clouds, and the two accompanying tracks were written over the course of two years in New Mexico where Jeddy lived for most of his life. Through these songs he tries to capture the rigid, often unforgiving, texture of the desert landscapes and the nurturing spirit of the endless desert sky he grew to love while living there. Trees and Clouds was recorded in the first two weeks of May, 2017 shortly after Jeddy had moved back to his home town, Sand City, California. It was recorded in Trent Babb’s apartment which stands now where there used to be several small cement pools where young Jeddy would go and collect the tad pols that so magically seemed to live there in that once empty lot. Sand City is a small city in California’s Monterey bay that is largely industrial. It is where Jeddy was raised his first several years, and a place he has always held dear and returned to. It seemed appropriate his first collection of bass compositions be recorded here. You will hear throughout the album the many passing trucks and forklifts that frequent these streets by day, the sea gulls that survey the coastal skies and other almost inaudible chatter that Jeddy has come to know as the sound of home.


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