Cleansing The Magnetic Field
Kundalini Yoga Practice
with Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa

If you could see yourself in your dream state, you would be aware of things that cling on to you. There are not only entities but distorted vibrational frequencies. The idea is to have your magnetic field so those things do not cling to you. The distractions you may be aware of will just fall off. When you create a disciple in your life, the frequency of vibrations that are not conducive to your growth in consciousness do not stick to you.

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Pilates & Barre
At CarmelBarre working out is not considered a “chore” — a thing you check off your list and move along. All the classes at CarmelBarre are part of a bigger picture – community, growth and learning. Classes are designed for a deeper understanding of your mind, body, fitness and health.

Andrea Woodhall

Vinyasa / Restorative Fusion Yoga
Along with her love of Yoga, Andrea is also a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and trains clients along the Monterey Peninsula. Andrea trains both Individuals & small groups at the beach, in a boutique Carmel studio or in the comfort of your own home. You can find her at Woodhall Wellness in Carmel, CA.