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We host and live broadcast current health and fitness classes, wellness workshops and events from our eco modern venue in Monterey California. Events and Classes are filmed in high definition, professionally live edited and presented without commercial interruption. All Wave Street Live classes are full length and include high quality teachers and public students.

Kundalini Yoga @ Wave Street Studios



Our bodies are precision machines that benefit from proper use.
If you are new to our Wellness Channel or Yoga in general, then please join us in some short videos and experience for yourself a sample of where our heart is at


Yoga & Movement featured @
Casie Fox Yoga from Monterey
Kundalini Live Yoga


Wellness Workshops featured @
Medical Qigong with Dr. Philip Yang
Breath Life in to your Body with Domini Anne


Teachers & Practitioners @

Siri Dharma Galliano
Khenpo Karten Rinpoche
Nihal Kaur
Andrea Woodhall
Casie Fox
Naomi Charanpal Kaur
Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa
Your Space, Your Studio
Philip Yang
Lulubelle Johnson
Domini Anne

Please join Kundalini Live:

I just wanted to thank the people who make those free videos possible and of course the teacher! she’s so funny and she can get directly to my heart with her wise words. I have taken kundalini classes here where I live (Santiago, Chile) but this class was a complete new experience for me!! it seems like at home I can connect even more with myself. But I also think this was incredible because of the energy of the teacher, it invites you to do your inner journey without fear nor limits. Thank you soooo much for having this online! I feel so lucky to have found you 🙂
Pilar Garrido Letelier


Free Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

01/16-18 > TheBlueMindExperience < Workshop
Community Yoga on Wave Street Live with Jen Seregos of
Keeping Your Intent of Consciousness Intact < Kundalini Yoga Practice
(F)ear & Pain
Protection of Your Magnetic Field < Kundalini Yoga Practice
Disposable Personality < Kundalini Yoga Practice
Casie Fox < Yoga for flexibility 12/18
Activating The Kundalini < Kundalini Yoga Practice
The Ever Present Now In Consciousness < Kundalini Yoga Practice
Andrea Woodhall < Vinyasa / Restorative Fusion Yoga
Live Jam > Glen Bell, Azi and Karma Kali
NAKD on Wave Street Live
On God Realization < Kundalini Yoga Practice
Casie Fox < Yoga for flexibility
Casie Fox < Yoga for flexibility
Online Yoga for Beginners
The Love of Vegetarian Cooking with Abha Sharma 4
Azi Fedoui
Azi Fedoui, Jeddy & David < Wave Street Live Experiential TV
Casie Fox’s Firefly Pose
Casie Fox < Yoga for flexibility 10/23
G.I. Josie: Benefit Jazz Show @
Some Comments From You, Our Viewers
Emily Perry Yoga on Wave Street Live
10/18 > Kundalini Yoga Reunion @
Casie Fox < Yoga for flexibility
Dry Bones Tour at Wave Street Studios Live
Sam Farr Pinnacles Award Dinner
Furry Friends and other Fiends on Bohemia Live
The Very Least is Health the Very Most is Enlightenment < Kundalini Yoga Practice
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Thank You To All Participants
774 Wave Street, Monterey

01/16-18 > TheBlueMindExperience < Workshop

The Blue Mind Experience (BMx): a first of its kind workshop for water students, researchers and practitioners on California's beautiful Monterey Bay. Join us and explore the true value of clean, healthy, wild waterways and oceans through the dual lenses of neuroscience and psychology. Expert guest lectures and class time will be supplemented with hands-on field trips and building of your practical personal and professional toolboxes.


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Online Yoga for Beginners

These are a set of our main physical exercises. Kundalini Yoga is an exploration of the connection between body and self.



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