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August 07, 2023

We are sharing Nihal Kaur's "Courage to Stand for Your Dreams" class free on YouTube this week for everyone to enjoy. Saturday at 7am PST. We had a few requests that included "This is my favorite class of all time!"

Nihal is a leader in the art of living with spirit. She strives in all moments to be an unstoppable force for good. Her deepest intention is to support each person to connect to their own inner wisdom, and live into their own full potential.

Class Description:  You have your vision in your sight. What does it take to realize it. What does it take to be there as a stand, to stand there for your dreams and desires, for all that you know to be true for life, to become everything you meant to be. It takes courage. Courage means heart. Yogis lead with their hearts because we invoke courage with our every step as we bring consciousness within every cell of our body.

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With heartfelt appreciation, The Wave Street Live Team