August 07, 2023
  • Welcome everyone to our new Wave Street Live/ Kundalini Live community. We’ve never had a community forum before but have always welcomed your feedback, impressions, questions and personal stories to educate and inspire us. I will try with my team to be as responsive as we can and look forward getting to know and support everyone the best we can.

    We want to host a forum that encourages growth and the elevation of consciousness. Everyone has experienced loss, frustration and exclusion. That is the human condition. We are all just learning all the time. There are no bad questions but it is our intention to answer every question through the lens of our heart chakra, with understanding, compassion and love.

    Let me be the first to introduce myself. My name is Rhett Smith. I am a native of Carmel and live togther my wife Judy in the historic Quock Mui House in Monterey. Judy works with me at the studio after retiring from teaching a few years back. Both our adult children Courtney and Foster also live close by.

    I designed and built Wave Street Studios in Monterey in 2006. The idea was to establish a specialized eco-modern broadcast studio that would host a wide and diverse range of publicly attended classes, concerts and events that would also be lovingly and consciously shared with a live global audience. I wanted to offer high quality free access to live public classes and events so that people could attend regardless of their location or the obstacles and responsibilities we all face.

    Moving to this new site marks a significant step forward for us, it opens up a world of new possibilities to enhance your viewing experiences, expand our reach and open doors for new teachers, artists, and educators to join our community, further enriching the diversity and authenticity of our content.

    Thank you for being part of this community and your support for our mission, our teachers and our artists. We look forward to providing more information and incite on all things Wave Street in the days and months ahead.



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